Asbestos was frequently used in building materials and supplies for many decades. Asbestos contamination from construction and demolition projects has rapidly become a widespread form of soil contamination throughout Australia. Asbestos remediation involving buildings and other structures can be complicated, but since soil contamination commonly includes the presence of fibrous asbestos (loose asbestos) asbestos soil removal professionals need to exercise great care when it comes to safely purifying the contaminated soil. At Asbestos Removals Brisbane, we offer comprehensive services that start from assessing the soil for asbestos decontamination, to accurately removing the contaminated soil and then disposing it properly.

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If you suspect your land has contaminated soil, get in touch with one of the asbestos soil removal professionals from Asbestos Removals Brisbane for a soil assessment.

Asbestos decontamination

At Asbestos Removals Brisbane, we’re properly trained to handle any asbestos related activity. This means removing the asbestos, disposing of it, and clearing any potentially contaminated areas. There are strict government rules and regulations when it comes to removing asbestos and transporting it. However, collecting and disposing is only half the work – an asbestos contaminated soil removal professional must clear and sweep the area in case there are trace amounts of asbestos left behind. This is particularly common after demolition, or when residential homeowners notice a fibrous containing material in their garden.

These fibrous materials usually lodge themselves inside grass and dirt, which can make it particularly hard to remove. An asbestos remediation professional has the tools needed to accurately measure the level of asbestos in soil and perform asbestos decontamination. If the asbestos is fibrous, it’s extremely dangerous even in small amounts so it must be removed immediately. All tools and equipment used to extract soil must also be disposed of immediately to eliminate the chance of releasing airborne fibres. Contaminated soil must be deposited into a government approved waste facility and handled in a way that no dust is created.

Your asbestos remediation experts

Luckily, asbestos materials are not known to migrate far in soil, and usually find residence in the topsoil. If you stumble across foreign pieces of wall plastering or tiles in your garden, and are concerned it may contain asbestos, get in contact with Asbestos Removals Brisbane immediately for an assessment. Any sort of activity can cause the fibrous material to break down, which can release dangerous airborne particles. A soil test can determine if contamination is present, and a professional can then work out how extensively the asbestos has travelled in the soil and perform an asbestos soil remediation.

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Asbestos contaminated soil removal

If asbestos is suspected, an asbestos removal professional will arrive at your home at the earliest convenience to conduct a test. If the soil proves to be contaminated, it may be removed by hand or by machine for larger areas. Our asbestos soil remediation experts will then secure the area and apply encapsulation on hazardous materials to stop any fibres from releasing into the air. Once the area has been accurately swept of all asbestos materials, our team will clear the area and safely remove the soil in a government approved waste transporting vehicle.

If you think your soil may be contaminated and require the help of an asbestos decontamination expert, get in touch with Asbestos Removals Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asbestos decontamination is the process of removing loose asbestos from the ground and soil of a property. Asbestos Removals Brisbane provides comprehensive asbestos soil remediation services from an initial assessment to the proper disposal of any contaminated soil. If you believe your soil contains asbestos fibres, please contact us immediately on 0412 314 588 and talk to one of our professional team members.

Asbestos was frequently used in the manufacturing of construction materials for decades and the fibres are easily spread from their source material, say tiles or plaster, to the surrounding environment creating a harmful situation that requires a quick resolution. If you suspect your soil is contaminated contact us for an assessment and we can help explain your options.

The precise time depends on several factors such as the size of the area to be excavated and the extent of the contamination for example.

Our comprehensive asbestos soil removal services include the safe transport and disposal of all soil at a government sanctioned facility.

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