Asbestos containing roofing materials were once the dominant choice for homes and other structures because of their durability, strength against fires, and their versatility. When it comes to asbestos roof removal, it’s imperative to engage a professional that’s licensed and experienced in the task, ensuring it’s completed safely, and your home or family are unharmed.

If you have a fairly dated property, it’s more than likely your roof sheeting contains traces of asbestos, and, if disturbed or moved, the asbestos could become airborne. This is why it’s absolutely necessary to keep away from the asbestos yourself, and contact a specialist like Myers Asbestos Removal. We are specialist in the safe and effective removal of asbestos roof tiles and other materials across the Brisbane region, should you ever find yourself in the position of needing a team that put your safety first, give us a call.

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If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable company to take care of any asbestos removal works, contact Myers Asbestos Removal today on 0412 314 588. As a leading asbestos removal company, we know exactly what is involved in the process and ensure optimal safety from start to finish.

Asbestos Roof Removal

Because asbestos fibres are so microscopic, it’s easy for them to become airborne and thus, be inhaled. This is why asbestos-containing materials pose such a major health risk for anyone in the vicinity of such material. At Myers Asbestos, we offer a range of services that assist in the asbestos roof removal process. Whether it’s asbestos shingle removal (asbestos fibres held down by cement), or even the removal of guttering, we have experience in it all.

If you know you’re living with asbestos or would like to double check to ensure your home is safe, our dedicated asbestos testing and assessment service is what you need. This is generally the case for homes that were built between 1940 and the mid-1980s, where asbestos and asbestos containing materials could be found just about anywhere within the roof, walls, and flooring.

Myers will attend your home to conduct our asbestos sample testing process, which we undertake very carefully and efficiently, providing homeowners with an accurate reading of what they’re dealing with.

Our team have experienced a wide range of asbestos removal callouts, from bathrooms and laundries within dated homes, to the roofing of commercial structures and asbestos shingle removal, there’s nothing we haven’t yet done. Once we’ve completed the asbestos testing and determined if your home contains the mineral, we will then discuss with you the next course of action to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Whether you’re needing asbestos guttering removal, wall, and floor removal, or the removal of asbestos in another area of your residential property, our trained and licensed removalists will be there to ensure the job is completed safely. It’s also imperative that you don’t dispose of asbestos yourself, please leave it to our team to do properly to prevent harmful airborne fibres

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If you’re looking for the removal of asbestos roof tiles or the removal of asbestos containing materials within your home, get in touch with Myers Asbestos Removal today! Our team are trained and licensed experts in the safe removal and disposal of asbestos, assisting homeowners right across the Brisbane region for many years. From asbestos guttering removal to the removal of asbestos shingle, and roof sheeting, our team will never say no to a removal task.

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