Asbestos FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health risks of asbestos? A known carcinogen, asbestos is proven to cause several health problems as the microscopic fibres cannot be removed from the lungs once inhaled. These problems can vary in severity and include asbestosis (a scarring of the lungs), multiple forms of cancer, and Mesothelioma, a fatal form of cancer.

When is asbestos dangerous? Though there is no safe level of asbestos, friable asbestos or ‘loose asbestos’ is the most dangerous kind. This is because asbestos is most harmful when it’s in powder form, as the airborne particles can get trapped in the lungs. This type of asbestos is typically used in thermal insulation, pipe lagging and sprayed coatings.

There are many different factors to consider when determining the amount of time an asbestos inspection takes, such as the size of the property, age of the building, and where the asbestos is located.  Once your asbestos testing sample is taken, you should have a result within 24 hours.

At Myers Asbestos Removal, we offer and commercial asbestos removal and residential asbestos removal Brisbane wide. These services include asbestos testing and assessment, asbestos decontamination and soil remediation, and asbestos encapsulation.

How long after asbestos removal is it safe? After a professional has removed asbestos, they’ll conduct an air test to see if there are any airborne particles left. Typically, it should take roughly 48-72 hours for fibres to settle after removal but if you’re concerned particles may be present consider contacting Myers Asbestos Removal to conduct an air quality test.

If you’re wondering ‘is asbestos removal safe’, the answer is yes, it is when removed by a professional. At Myers Asbestos Removal, our experts are trained to safely and efficiently remove asbestos. If you suspect your building may contain asbestos, get in contact with a professional today.

Is it safe to remove asbestos yourself? Though it is possible to remove asbestos yourself if the tile is less than 10m2, it’s recommended you leave the removal to the professionals. This is because the removal and disposal process can be quite tricky to do yourself and can result in risks to health and fines if not done properly.

If you’re wondering ‘how to find out if you have asbestos’, it can be quite difficult to know just by looking at building material. If your home was built before 2003, it’s worth getting an asbestos removal professional to conduct some tests on your property.

What should you do if you find asbestos? If you find asbestos on your property, it’s recommended that you get in touch with an asbestos removal specialist straight away and don’t attempt to remove it yourself. If you accidentally disturb asbestos at home or at work, you should stop what you’re doing immediately and contact a removal specialist who can help you dispose of your clothing and the asbestos containing material safely.

What happens to asbestos after removal? Once an asbestos removal specialist has removed the asbestos from your building, they’ll wrap and tape it in special sealing material before transporting it in a government approved vehicle and dumping it into a special landfill.

Yes, we offer decontamination and soil remediation services to safely remove and dispose of asbestos and clear any contaminated areas. As soil can become contaminated after demolition, we offer thorough soil remediation to clear and sweep the area of any leftover fibres.

Wondering ‘does plasterboard contain asbestos?’ Modern plasterboards do not contain asbestos, but if your home was built before 2003, there is a chance your plasterboards could be made from asbestos containing materials. To be 100% certain there is no asbestos present in your building, get in contact with an asbestos removal specialist to arrange an inspection today.

Does asbestos have to be removed? In some cases, asbestos is best left alone as attempting to remove it could result in harmful fibres being released into the air. In these types of situations, an asbestos removal specialist may suggest asbestos encapsulation, which involves spraying a sealant solution on the asbestos to stop the fibres from being disturbed.

Can I stay in my house during asbestos removal? No, it’s recommended you stay out of your home while it’s being removed as asbestos is a harmful material and could be dangerous if you get in contact with any airborne fibres.

How much does it cost to remove asbestos? When it comes to determining the cost of asbestos removal, there are many factors involved, which include the area of your building, where it’s located, the amount that needs removing and if soil remediation is needed etc. However, we do offer an obligation free quote, which you can find via our online form here.

Under law, it is possible to remove asbestos if it’s under 10m2, though we highly recommend enlisting the services of a professional instead. This is because it can be difficult to know how to identify asbestos, the size of the contamination or how to properly dispose it. If disposed incorrectly, you could be faced with a fine – ranging from thousands of dollars for homeowners and up to millions for businesses.

It’s virtually impossible to see if a building has asbestos with sight alone, but any home or commercial space built before 2003 should be checked for asbestos. A professional can conduct checks for materials that commonly contain it and take it back to the lab for testing.

In some cases, asbestos doesn’t have to be removed and can instead be encapsulated. This usually occurs when the asbestos is present in materials that may cause structural damage if removed, or if it’s likely to release fibres when disturbed.

Asbestos is dangerous in all forms but especially dangerous when it’s in loose form (friable). This is because the fibres can be easily disturbed and breathed in, which can cause numerous health problems, ranging from asbestos to lung cancer and mesothelioma.

If you think you’ve disturbed asbestos, we recommend getting in touch with an asbestos removal specialist straight away. This is because further action can result in more fibres being released and spread through your home. A specialist can dispose of your clothing properly and remove the rest of the asbestos in a safe manner.


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When you choose Myers Asbestos Removal for your commercial asbestos removal, you’re guaranteed that: 

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  • We adhere to government rules and regulations to safely remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials.
  • Our industrial asbestos removal experts keep up to date with the latest asbestos removal training and technology.
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