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Facing the task of eliminating asbestos from your home, office or facility? Asbestos Removals Brisbane has the experience, skill and technology to provide you with comprehensive asbestos removal services that can help. From the initial site inspection to safely managing the removal and disposal process, our team can manage the job regardless of its scope.

When it comes to asbestos, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect your home or office building contains asbestos, we urge you to contact Asbestos Removals Brisbane and ask about our asbestos removal services straight away to arrange an inspection. Our team of residential asbestos removal and commercial asbestos removal specialists can help identify if your home contains asbestos materials and can safely remove and clean the area to rid it of any dangerous fibres.

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Asbestos Removal Brisbane Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asbestos and Why is it so Dangerous?

Made popular post World War II for its insulative properties, asbestos was a cheaply sourced, naturally incurring mineral that was commonly used in building materials. Virtually indestructible and impervious to decay, asbestos could be found in everything from ceiling tiles, drainpipes, to thermal boards and roofing. Though the dangers of asbestos were documented for decades, it wasn’t until late 2003 that Australia finally made it illegal to mine, sell or import asbestos. Unfortunately, with almost 70 years in circulation, asbestos now runs rampant in many Australian homes and commercial buildings as an unknown danger. So popular was asbestos that the government deems homes built before 1990 as ‘most likely to contain asbestos.’

The reason why asbestos is so dangerous lies in its microscopic fibres. When regularly breathed in, asbestos-containing fibres attach themselves to the lungs and cannot be removed. This can cause the tissue to scar (asbestosis) or the more serious lung cancer or mesothelioma, which is always fatal. Though one-time exposure doesn’t always lead to an asbestos-related health problem, it’s still possible to incur damage to the lungs if the exposure is high enough (such as being accidentally broken by a power tool or drilled). Asbestos-related diseases can take decades to appear, so you may not be aware of the exposure until it’s too late. Remember- there’s no safe level of asbestos exposure, be sure to contact Asbestos Removals Brisbane and enquire about our asbestos removal services if you think you might be at risk.

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Where to Find Asbestos in the Home?

The Hidden Dangers of Renovating

To the untrained eye, asbestos can be very hard to identify as it comes in many forms. If you suspect your home may contact asbestos due the year it was built, it’s important to arrange an inspection with a professional as soon as possible – especially if you plan on undertaking some home renovation work. Asbestos exposure is likely to incur during the renovation or demolition process, as it can disturb asbestos-containing materials. An asbestos removal services expert can test materials to give you the green light on whether it’s okay to remove or break the material without fear of exposure.

According to a Public Health Research and Practice journal released in 2017, six in 10 mesothelioma sufferers had unknowingly done major home renovations involving asbestos products, and four in ten sufferers lived in a house during major renovations. So concerning is this problem that home renovators have been dubbed the ‘third wave’ of asbestos victims. Like a lottery, some people who’ve reported multiple exposure to asbestos have been left relatively unscathed, whereas others have battled and lost to mesothelioma after being exposed to the deadly material just once.

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