Industrial and Commercial Asbestos Removal

Despite banning asbestos for construction use in 2003, there are still plenty of residential and commercial buildings standing today that contain asbestos. The reason why asbestos is so prolific in homes and structures built in the 80s and 90s is due to its ‘idyllic properties’, as it was a widely available material that was strong, cheap and insulative.  In fact, it’s so widely spread, that Australia is responsible for one of the highest rates of asbestos per capita in the world. Though asbestos was recognised as a dangerous substance in the 70s, it took decades before the government released an official ban on using it in construction and has since been used in everything from family homes, to schools, hospitals, office buildings and shopping centres. To combat this problem, councils and business owners have enlisted the help of commercial asbestos removal services to safely remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials. If you suspect your building may contain asbestos, we urge you to get in touch with asbestos removal services today.

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Why is asbestos dangerous?

A naturally occurring mineral, asbestos contains strong fibres that are up to 200 times thinner than a human hair. Asbestos is a hard wearing, insulative material that’s resistant to fire – which is why it was considered quite the super building material. However, it took many years for people to realise that the fibres released from asbestos wreaked havoc on the lungs, as the body has no way of getting rid of the asbestos once inhaled. This can cause a legion of problems, ranging from chronic lung conditions, cancer and an often fatal form of cancer known as Mesothelioma.

How do I know if my building has asbestos?

Simply put, it’s very hard to recognise asbestos if you’re not trained to identify it. Chances are if your building was erected in any time before 2003, it very likely contains asbestos. Typically, you can expect to find asbestos in the following:

  • Pipe lagging                                   
  • Fibro sheeting
  • water drainage
  • doors
  • ceiling cavities
  • lifts and lift wells
  • roofing

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Commercial asbestos removal Brisbane

At Myers Asbestos Removal Brisbane, our team of industrial asbestos removal experts are trained to identify, remove, and safely dispose of asbestos from commercial buildings. We highly recommend you enlist in the help of an asbestos removal professional to safely remove asbestos, as attempting to remove it yourself can not only cause harm to your own health but to those around you. If your business is in an older building, you might be at risk to asbestos fibres releasing into the air from deteriorating wood or pipes. Fortunately, our commercial asbestos removal experts can quickly and effectively remove asbestos without upsetting the structure of a building.

When you choose Myers Asbestos Removal for your commercial asbestos removal, you’re guaranteed that: 

  • We provide a detailed quote, estimated time of completion and findings report.
  • Our commercial asbestos removal experts take care to minimise disruption, ensuring you can go back to work as soon as possible.
  • We adhere to government rules and regulations to safely remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials.
  • Our industrial asbestos removal experts keep up to date with the latest asbestos removal training and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial buildings that were built before the 2003 ban of asbestos, more than likely contain asbestos or asbestos-containing materials. This is because asbestos was used prolifically within building materials across the country because of its insulation properties, fire proofing, and strength. Because of the high possibility of asbestos being prominent within commercial settings, contact Myers Asbestos Removal today to conduct an efficient asbestos test to confirm.

The Queensland WHS Regulations 2011 requires all commercial property owners to be in possession of an up-to-date Asbestos Register. The only time this isn’t necessary is when there is no workplace operated from said commercial property or the workplace is a building that was constructed after the 31st of December 1989. For more information, it’s important to read through government websites or to speak to a professional such as Myers Asbestos Removal.

If you’re yet to move into your commercial building, engage a licensed assessor to confirm whether the building in question contains asbestos or not. If you’re already operating within a commercial building, If it turns out that your workplace does contain asbestos, it’s imperative that you prepare and maintain an asbestos management plan.

If you suspect that your property contains asbestos or asbestos-containing materials and you’re looking for a reliable asbestos removalist that will do a thorough and efficient job, contact Myers Asbestos Removal Brisbane today on 0412 314 588. Our professional team take pride in prioritising the safety of our clients and our clients staff, ensuring no one is affected or runs the risk of asbestos inhalation. DO NOT attempt to remove any asbestos yourself, wait for our team to arrive on site for a proper and thorough removal service.

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