Suspect your garage or shed might contain asbestos? If your shed was built between 1940 to the mid 1980’s there is a high chance that some form of asbestos is present. Don’t leave it to chance, at Myers Asbestos Removals Brisbane, we are your one stop asbestos shed removal, testing and encapsulation service. We offer a range of specialised services and are equipped to handle large scale commercial sheds to small domestic offerings.

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Asbestos Shed Removal Services

Inspection, Testing & Reporting

Unsure if your garage or shed has asbestos? Asbestos comes in many shapes and sizes and often cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Our asbestos garage removal contractors have decades of experience with asbestos removals across the greater Brisbane region. As part of our assessment process, we send samples to a NATA certified lab for analysis and can provide the necessary reports to determine if any asbestos is present in your outbuildings. Don’t risk living with asbestos, get in touch with our testing and asbestos testing team today!

Asbestos Garage Roof Removal

One of the most common places that we find asbestos in older sheds and garages is in the roofing both internally and externally. This can be the guttering, shingles, roof linings and even insulative materials. Our team carefully removes and/or encapsulates the necessary asbestos containing materials and can recommend a local contractor to perform the necessary replacements.

Complete Asbestos Garage Removal

At times, the best of course of action to remedy an asbestos situation in your outbuildings is a full strip out. Our asbestos removal services team methodically tests and removes all asbestos-containing materials and can provide recommendations on either having the entire shed/garage removed or renovated by a local contractor.

Asbestos Shed Disposals

Safe asbestos disposal is paramount to the safety of our team, your family, and the wider community. Whether you need a full-service asbestos shed removal or simply need some asbestos containing materials disposed of, speak to the team at Myers Asbestos Removal. We only use recognised asbestos waste facilities and ensure that every job is completed to the highest of standards of safety and quality.

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When it comes to asbestos, calling in the professionals is always the right solution, and our commercial and residential asbestos removal team are here for you. We’ve seen firsthand how problematic it can be to try and identify asbestos in your home or commercial premises and that’s why calling in a licenced team of properly equipped professionals, is the safest way to identify and remove asbestos in your home or business.

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Whether you have had a testing done prior, or need the full testing, inspection, removal and disposal package, make Myers Asbestos Removal your first choice when it comes to asbestos shed roof removal. Call us on 0412 314 588 or email us at for a FREE quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Asbestos is so dangerous due to the nature of the microscopic fibers. When regularly breathed in, asbestos-containing fibers attach themselves to the lungs and cannot be removed. In time this can lead tissue scarring (asbestosis) or more serious lung cancer or mesothelioma, which is always fatal. Asbestos related diseases often take decades to appear and you may not be aware of exposure until it is too late.

Simply put, asbestos is dangerous to your health, and it can be almost impossible to determine whether a particular material contains asbestos. Hiring a professional that is licenced, trained and properly equipped is the safest way to remove asbestos in your home or commercial premises.

Asbestos is commonly found in backing for electrical meter boards, downpipes, eaves and gables, external angle mouldings, fencing, gutters, insulation, internal and external ventilators, ridge capping, external toilets, external wall sheeting and more.

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