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Asbestos in Commercial Buildings

At Myers Asbestos Removal, we’re commonly asked to not only inspect homes, but commercial buildings too. This is because buildings constructed before certain timeframes must comply with government health and safety codes, which stipulates older buildings must pass an asbestos check before allowing occupants. In today’s blog, we look at asbestos in commercial buildings, including where to find it and what to do if you think your building hasn’t had an inspection.

Asbestos in Commercial Buildings: Friable vs Non Friable

Friable asbestos

Friable asbestos is a potentially dangerous form of asbestos that can be released when damaged by pressure or friction. Friable asbestos still poses a significant risk to health and safety, which is why we primarily use a vacuum extraction method that ensures friable asbestos is removed safely, without disturbance.

Non-friable asbestos

Non-friable asbestos is the most dangerous form of asbestos and is typically found sprayed on piping. It can be easily breathed in as the fibres are loose, which can then coat the lungs and are impossible to remove. Though less common than friable asbestos, non-friable should be removed immediately. 

As leading asbestos removal contractors, our unique and specialised equipment is used to provide a cost-effective solution for all non-friable projects ranging from large scale industrial and commercial sites to one-off lower locations. If you suspect your building may contain asbestos, give Myers Asbestos Removal a call on 0412 314 588 today.

How do I know if my building needs checking?

If you’re an owner of a commercial building that was constructed before December 2003, you’ll need to have proof that your building has been inspected by an asbestos removal professional.

Where is asbestos in commercial buildings usually located?


Asbestos Cladding is the most common asbestos-containing building material and product in commercial buildings. The reason most of these products are still in existence is due to the regulations put into place in the late 1980s, which required all asbestos-containing materials to be marked with a suitable warning label. Although the use of asbestos-containing building materials and products has been prohibited since 2003, it’s likely that hundreds of thousands of these products still exist on commercial buildings across Australia.


The first precaution is to be aware that the paint used to coat asbestos cement sheet walls can contain asbestos fibres, and if this paint is damaged, it could release those fibres into the air. The second precaution is to decide what is going to happen to the material once the wall’s been removed. Asbestos Removal Techniques, bagging and sealing all the pieces is expensive and time-consuming, but some new technologies on the market drastically reduce this cost and time usage.


Ceilings may contain asbestos. When these are intact, they are considered bonded if intact, and dripping water (whether from a leaky pipe or from the ceiling texture) can wear away the surface. This friable asbestos material could become easily airborne when disturbed. Asbestos ceiling tiles should be replaced as soon as possible.

Why choose professional asbestos removal?

The main goal of asbestos removal is not just to get rid of the asbestos but to remove it quickly and safely. Only trained professionals should handle this job, as it can be hazardous to the removal team and others. Asbestos can only be properly removed by highly trained asbestos removal professionals who know how to remove it without spreading it and dispose of it safely.

Are you looking for quality removal of asbestos in commercial buildings?

With a decade of experience in asbestos removal and building renovation, the professionals at Myers Asbestos Removal offer complete and comprehensive building renewal services. Our extensive knowledge of asbestos removal permits us to provide a safe, cost-effective solution to removing asbestos from your home or business. You can call us on 0412 314 588  or get in touch online for a free measure and quote or to book an asbestos inspection and assessment today!

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